Main man -God Self justification in the face of harmful habits Can be the absolute worst deceiver and robber of our happiness. In a society that spends so much of its time looking for others to blame, the concept of needful change is often overlooked. So much for our human opinion. Let’s face it, we are fickle people. Just look at our society, last year’s taboo as become this year’s alternative lifestyle. So who gets to regulate the meter on right or wrong in the midst of an ever changing society? God is the only one who qualifies. You know the main man -God. I figured if anyone knows how this whole earth was supposed to work. He did He in turn has assured us that all the answers we are seeking could be found in his word, with prayer, some diligent study, and a healthy dose of wisdom. Through this, we will be able to figure out his perfect design for this earthly mystery once and for all. If we will trust in God each day and live according to His plan for our lives, only then can we live above the society expectations and be happier, healthier and rising higher than we could ever imagine. God, only God can give us true peace. #NobleNiche